Standard Spike: UG Fauna Shaman

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  1. I tried it in 2-mans for a while. Avenger should be Wolfbriar Elemental. But the way the deck plays is so awkward(especially if oppo kills your only 1-2 drop). Strange curve :(

    Ramping into Frost Titan is pretty good, though.

  2. What video recorder program is that? Glad to see the Fauna Shaman deck in action. That list does look fairly odd.

  3. At the end you say that is just the flaw of the deck? You probably shouldn’t keep two land hands every game and wonder why you are short mana? That isn’t not knowing the deck, that is just bad play, especially against burn decks of which can kill your mana creatures.

  4. Overgrown Battlements should be in the Sideboard, put them in over Lotus Cobra against Red. Also you should be playing 1-of Masticore for sure, lets you chump block with those cobra/birds late game and turn them into some pinging action