Standard Spike: RUG Ramp!

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  1. Wow… Match one was brutal. I agree that 3 Inferno Titans seem overkill. Maybe one to SB? Exchange Ruinblasters with one more Slime and move an Inferno to SB playing one MB.
    I just dont really like the deck. If Im going to play Blue, Im going to play U/B- it has so much better options against most of the field. However, Im enjoying playing Valakut. Im happy Aggro has sorta calmed down and Control has started to pick up. Last 2 DE’s within 3 days were all Control and Ramp.

    Good vids as usual. =)

  2. Preordain T1 is too greedy. Your results will get better if you slow play it more often

  3. M1G1 why not 2nd Inferno Titan and kill all his Plants, Semms better then Frost. – I would change 1 or 2 Ruinblaster in the SB to Slimes too, he can handle more Things. And the Deck is fast enough to not need the hasted Blaster, even if M3G3 was fun to watch^^

    And could you plz try to keep the (i dont know a better english Term for it) “distraction Noises” down to a minimum? =)

  4. Really liking these constructed vids! Looking forward to more of them.
    I’m also interested in what kind of quality settings you are using in camtasia? Fps, codec, resolution, key frames etc. Thanks!

  5. I’ve heard people talk about waiting to Preordain, but almost all of the time I’ve had it it has seemed better to just run it out.

    Sorry about “distraction noises.” I’ve tried to keep recording clean, didn’t realize there were any.

    I don’t know all the specs on camtasia, but I’ll see if I can check them out and get back to you later.

  6. So wait, what was that ten tix 2 man you played? I’ve never seen that on MTGO.. what am I missing?

  7. Another great job on the videos….

    Personally i think i would probably run it with 2 frost titans and one inferno titan.
    I think that inferno titan is better than everyone gives him credit for.

    I also agree with Anders i think i like constructed vids quite a bit. I like them alot better than draft vids
    anyways keep up the good work XD

  8. M1G1 he plays oracle revealing Avenger when you have Inferno Titan on board and Jace in hand. Why not fateseal his Avenger away with Jace? Valakut is pretty cold to big creatures with Avenger/Primeval really being their only outs (maybe 6 total in their deck?). Bottoming his Avenger seems like the right play.

  9. I just watched Match 1 so far, but you are losing a lot of small advantages through sub-optimal plays. You might want to practice a bit more or slow down, the deck doesn’t have that many triggers and isn’t too complicated, but it does require turns to be planned out. Some things you might want to look out for in the future.

    If you have oracle out and your opponent has Jace, never crack a fetch on your turn unless you absolutely need the mana. He can see your top card through oracle, and he can push it away with Jace, Cracking the fetch on his end step means if he jaces you, it is useless unless he leaves something on top you want (you can see it, so it isn’t a mystery as usual). Abusing fetches and shuffles with oracle is half the reason to run the card.

    you pre-ordain into explore and collar. Why put explore on top? Are you trying to ramp with 8 or 9 lands in play? Collar on top, sparkmage, equip collar, ping and pay 2, Adios Frost Titan. After you make the mistake, which happens, why run out collar? That telegraphs your next move, he is going to bolt your sparkmage, or, worse, blow up your collar.

    the only time you want to draw explore late is when it is on top of your library with oracle out, so that the card after it can be a land, or you can draw into it if it is good with explore.

    Jace, Cobra and fetches are the foundation for many decks, and oracle is often a part of that as well, in such complex decks (to run) as turboland. These decks usually require getting massive card advantage out of every turn and overwhelming with board presence, and require tighter play than most decks to be effective, since they do not have a lot of counters or removal like most Jace decks.