Storming Standard: Welcome to the RaiNiN6 Season

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  1. Hello and welcome to the Academy.
    Great article – concise and to the point. Hope to see more tournament reports from you in the future.


  2. Very nicely done. I enjoy the screen shots and scenarios.

    What is nayatron? Is this just a term for having all three colors in your hand?

  3. I think it is having at least one land of each color in the shard. :)

    I really like the analysis of the opponent’s play decision- I almost never do this (and that’s why I do so poorly, I think). You should see rainin6 playing mind games by misrepresenting the cards in his own hand!

  4. Also, in R1, G2- Sun Titan, Sparkmage, KOTR and Gideon seems like a fairly strong board position (even at 4 life). In two turns, you could have had Fauna Shaman finding Stoneforge (into Basilisk Collar)! Don’t you love getting overly excited playing Magic? :]

  5. Yeah, I forget where someone called having red, green, and white mana – “Nayatron” but I thought that was clever and figured it’s an easy way to say what mana colors I had available.

    I lub mind games :]

    Off the top of my head, i can’t think of many that you can do with Naya, but one that I like to do is slow down Mythic’s starts by going first you play forest-bird. On their turn, they play tapped land (like Stirring Wildwood or Sunpetal Grove, let’s say), then on my turn, if i dont have the Cunning Sparkmage, I will still tap my mana to represent Cunning Sparkmage, untap lands, think for a bit, and play Knight or nothing! I’ve scared a few Mythic players from playing their turn 2 Lotus Cobra which would have ramped their mana like crazy, but feared the Cunning Sparkmage that wasn’t in my hand. Look for every little edge you can – it pays off!