The Gunslinger: Standard and Classic

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  1. the mirrorweave play was sexy ill be honest. Though not sure i really see a reason to be running the woolly thoctar in the standard version over than for laughs

  2. I tried really hard to find gunslingers, but I never seemed to be on at the right time. nice vids

  3. Shard i’ll be honest the Standard deck is basically built to have large creatures thats it and that 5/3 naya beast of doom fits that perfectly :)

  4. Exxa: Thanks for the comment, If you want to see more game play of the kithkin deck just check out my Build your Own standard video :)

    Aznsilly the trick was to friend them and set the tab at the top to view friends games only. bawha!

  5. I see, that is sneaky. good to know!

    I don’t think he had any chance of winning that game, swords + story circle would have stopped his offense for a long time while he just rolls over to your fliers, even without any pumps or tricks

  6. mirror kithkin was a good deck. look for it during new extended season, Nothing beats a mirrorweaved Scion of Oona while you have more critts than them.

  7. Hitting to a negative 69 was impressive, that was a good solid play.

    I like both decks, very interesting, keep it up