The Observor: Mischief in Minneapolis

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  1. Seriously, Reservations on a thursday night for LAWN BOWLING? Pshaw, I would have flashed him some tarmogoyfs and said i was taking this to a real bowling alley.

  2. Minneapolis was a great great city. The area around the convention center was full of fun stuff to check out. The first day me and the guy I went up with stayed about 15 minutes from the venue. We checked out and moved into a Hilton next to the convention center just to be closer to the action and the price was pretty reasonable.

    Much love for being able to travel essentially where-ever you want in the comfort of an air conditioned sky walk. Super sick, though it wasn’t really hot outside anyways.

    Nicollet Mall was pretty cool and renting bikes at 2am after the Bars close was pretty fun/funny.

  3. I have been corralled into attending GP Nashville. So as long as Scars Limited doesn’t repeatedly put my pride and desire to play in a blender, see you there!

    I don’t know if I feel worse for Buddha or Ochoa- you definitely need to take pictures to add to these!

  4. You’re recollection of events is slightly different than mine. Since yours are in print, and by far much more entertaining, you have created the new history I’ll point to. I’m pretty sure I was locked in “Is this real life?” mode the whole time.

    And if I ever get a Wikipedia entry I’m using this as a citation to “…and is also quite the badass.”

    Thanks for being awesome Nate! I’m looking forward to your immortalization of Saturday night!