The Vintage Metagame: Shops, Delver… and Oath?

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  1. I don’t see chalice of the void being restricted soon. In a real tournament (I mean, non online) any budget non-dredge deck needs to run it in 4 copies.

  2. Hey David! Welcome to the MTGOAcademy family! This was a well thought out article. I think you missed the popularity of the Slaver Deck in the lead up to Vintage Masters Champs. Maybe you simply called it “Grixis”, but I like to think of those as 2 different decks.

    Also, I believe Oath is not played in large numbers on MTGO for 2 reasons. The deck is not as consistent as Delver and Shops (for the reasons you cite), but also I think people absolutely hate playing the mirror. If I knew that no one else would play Oath, I would probably run it no questions asked, but seeing that now Oath is a supposed predator to the “top 2 decks”, I won’t even pick it up because of how miserable the mirror is.

  3. Crazy stuff. Amazing, with all those cards out there, what ends up being the decks people play and use to win.

    It was pretty well-written, and while I know almost literally nothing about the “older” Eternal formats, I can follow along. However, it’d be nice for just a tiny tad bit of information for potential readers that are totally unaware of the decks and whatnot. Thank you for the article!