Eternal Warrior #25: It’s a Blue World

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  1. Yeah, Snapcaster is totally viable. A bunch of blue decks are playing two copies, including the extremely popular UR Delver/Pyromancer/Gush deck.

    In another type of deck, I would likely be using Snapcaster in the place of Strixes — they both essentially draw you a card and can trade with a lot of the creatures in the format. But in Tezzeret and in Goblin Welder decks, I use the Strixes instead for their obvious synergies.

  2. Do you see this as a deck that could be budgeted down? I am curious what such a deck would look like sans power and maybe with a few more counters…Also how does this meld with the metalworker decks?

  3. A power-less version of the deck would look something like the list I played back in Classic, which you can find at this link:

    You can see that I ran Lotus Petals instead of Moxen and also had Talisman of Dominance that I could play off an Ancient Tomb to get a Turn 2 Tezz. In that way, it was much more like the Legacy Tezzeret decks. The basic idea of having a control-combo deck with a backup plan of beating down with 5/5 creatures is the same, it’s just much more efficient and explosive with Power.

    That Classic version of the deck needed a lot more tuning, I spent about two weeks trying out half a dozen blue decks and decided on that because I thought it was the most fun and had a shot in a field of other planeswalker decks. It also should have had a Vampiric Tutor in it, looking back now. Maybe I hadn’t bought that card yet as of the time that I had to register the decklist for that season’s league.