1. Hello. I have been drafting for years now, but I was recently shown this site. I was wondering why you don’t have any draft primers here. It would be nice to see some explainations of B.R.E.A.D. and other evaluation picks. Also, I would suggest anybody who is new(er) to drafting to watch the videos on here. Win or lose, you can learn a lot by objectively viewing. When you are in the heat of a draft, it is difficult to keep an outside perspective. While many people will play vicariously through the videos, this is wrong. You can be sure that the people posting them notice that passing that bomb rare killed them game 2. They also have the ability to self evaluate every decision they make. Picking up FRAPs or another screen capture software can make a huge difference in your own drafting, as you will then scream at the screen “no! Don’t do that!!!!”

    All in all, I love this site and can’t stress how much better it has made me in the day or two that I have been reading articles. I considered myself good already (with a consistent score of 1675-1750). But this site has made me better. Thanks.

  2. Also the formatting of the messages could use a little polishing. It would be nice to see the newest comments first and replies as indented paragraphs. If this is the only complaint I have, then you guys are doing a stellar job, for I am an admitted troll.

  3. I want to thank you guys here at MTGO Academy. I first installed MTGO in September 2012 and was thoroughly overwhelmed by the client. I tried messing around with it for two or three days and never opened it again until this week when I did some googling, came across this site, and started reading and viewing the ‘Beginner Central’ topics. Though I would not say I have mastered the client yet, I have followed the suggestions, and the client with all of it’s functions, is not intimidating anymore. But what I did manage to do last night was get 68 free cards, purchase Event Tickets, wishlist decks, shop around using the various bots, and play about 35 rounds with the two standard decks I built.
    I will be directing my friends to this site and to your bots online as well; they have fair prices too. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments and helpful suggestions, systemic and wehrmonger. I’ll look into seeing if we can nest comments in that way.

  5. This site is the best i wish i had found it before i made all of those beginner mistakes. All well, live and learn.

  6. Feeling overwhelmed after coming back from a 10 year hiatus. So many formats. Like wth is modern masters limited or cube draft. Ugh feels like I need to spend about s week reading andcatching up on tterminology.

  7. Hi Damien,

    Modern Masters is a set with reprints of older powerful cards. It is limited release and each booster pack costs significantly more than a normal booster pack. Playing Draft/Sealed with it is important right now because a big tournament will be using that as the format of choice.

    Cube draft is when you draft with a collection of cards that you design specifically to be drafted with, almost like designing your own set. On Magic Online, Wizards of the Coast designs their own ‘Cubes’ (i.e., sets of cards to be drafted with) periodically and people draft it.

  8. My only problem with MTGO is that you can’t find PRE’s on the forums anymore because Wizards took them down. How can you find PRE’s without the community forum?

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