1. Hi, thanks for the videos. in rd 1, game 3 u could have just cast mystical earlier, put teminus on top of the deck, and miracle it, which be much cheaper nd u dont take that much damage

  2. Wow, thanks for that advise. I didn’t really consider that play at all. Shows that I need to learn my deck better and practice much more for this format!

  3. I walked away with some of the same conclusions w/ regards to aggro (though didn’t necessarily hit on them before the event) that being said I do wonder if decks will be over stacked control to deal with the aggro decks… it’ll be interesting to see

  4. I think if these tourneys were consistent, you’d see quite a bit of reaction to the aggro decks.


    I believe in 100 CS you would have to make a huge shift to a deck in order to really neutralize another strategy, based on the limited amount you’ll see Card X. Even if you board in 15 cards to stop RDW, for example, but with all singleton copies you probably need to hit one or two exact cards you have packed to really change the match-up. 15 cards is the equivalent of 9 in a standard board. In a standard board you would most likely have more than 1 copy of specific cards to counteract a strategy. So unless you have extreme redundancy in your board, it will not be as effective. Plus, we all know you can’t use all 15 slots for one deck. The whole point is you would need most of your adjustments to be main deck, which means pretty significant overhauls. It can be done, but you’d really be changing your deck to something new and not just keeping your deck and tuning for aggro.

  5. Thanks for writing this up, it’s neat to see how you approached and thought about the format as someone who hadn’t really played it.
    Bummer though that you lost the video for our match, it was certainly an interesting one and I would have liked to watch your perspective on it, especially when it comes to a few plays you made that I thought were questionable.

  6. Nice article! A few thoughts:

    Combo is doable in this format. The possibilities include Scapeshift (more of a midrange deck with combo included), Enduring Ideal, UG Storm, and especially Oath of Druids.

    I think the most challenging thing about preparing for a 100CS metagame is trying to be ready for UW control and red aggro at the same time. That’s a tough deck building challenge.

    Thanks for writing!

  7. I would love to see what an Oath deck looks like in 100 CS. Do you have a link to a list, of any age?

  8. So I don’t have a list, but I remember Naoto playing a multi-combo list against me in the TP room ages and ages ago. It involved
    Oath/Polymorph- Emrakul (and maybe something else)
    and maybe some other stuff, too.

  9. I sent AJ some deck lists, including an Oath deck from a daily event. He should be able to forward them on.

    Combo can work in 100CS. The decks are just really complicated to build and play. At times somebody good has put the time into crafting and practicing with one, and it has become a part of the metagame that we had to watch for. 100CS combo decks are some of the absolute neatest decks out there.

  10. I really would like to begin my journey with 100CS, but, as a pauper player, I don’t have so much budget to spend on.
    Can someone suggest some cheap/budget lists for this wonderful format?
    Thanks :)

  11. White Weenie and RDW/Goblins are perhaps the cheapest options. Being mono-colored, you don’t have to buy the expensive dual/fetch lands and most of the cards are less than 1 ticket each in the extreme and probably less than 0.5 tickets on average. The Mythics might set you back a few tickets, but none are anywhere near “Jace” territory.

    For some representative RDW lists, see the 3 listed here: http://www.mtgoacademy.com/vivat-centum-i-winning-decklists/

    My White Weenie deck above is a good place to start to go that route instead.

  12. In addition to the decks enderfall listed, you might also consider mono-green midrange or mono-blue control. Those might be more attractive options if you’re not usually an aggro player. You lose power when you don’t spend the bucks on Gaea’s Cradle or Force of Will and Jace and so on, but you can still build a respectable version of those for pretty cheap and have a chance to enjoy the format. Starting with green is nice, because you can play a few colors and still get by with a less expensive mana base.

  13. I’m not an aggro player, so I’m interested in the mono blu control deck, or any green based control deck (for fixing). There are some resource links I can use to have an idea?
    Thanks :)

  14. I think you could have won both matches if you made the plays I had choosen

    Mystical for Teminus and you save 8 damage and get a 3 for 2.
    Enlightened for Moat seems better than Mystical for Wrath, because Mystical has more options(but its risky)
    Use your countermagic to fight for the Ancestral and resolve Jace when he is tapped out because of it, rather than the tutors.
    Playing around countermagic when he has “only” 2 mana open and draws 4 cards next turn doesn’t seem right.
    Misdirection pitch Force > Force pitch Misdirection against Dispel
    Miscalculate Glen Elendra Archmage and you get 3 angels(or 1 angel if he doesn’t pay).
    Teachings for StoP instead of Muddle for Journey, would have lost me the game there, but I think it would have been a better play.

    Deck Construction:
    Nimbus Maze is awful, don’t play it
    I didn’t found a reason why Oboro is better than an Island
    Foundry + Sword of the Meek seems unlikely to happen in a real game with only 2 tutors for it(+2 tutors for enlightened)

    I play a really consistent hightide combo 100-card-singelton in real life, but im not sure if all cards are legal/available on MTGO. (Usually involving kicked Rites of Replication on Great Whale/Mnemonic Wall).
    Maybe you wanna dive in the combo world in a meta dominated by red decks.

  15. In Germany, we call this format, although without SB’ing, “Highlander”, ’cause there can only be 1 ;)
    It’s a quite established format, including real-life tournaments etc.
    The following link leads to the official homepage (including bannings and an introduction), the forum includes lots of decklists and included discussions:


    I personally am playing MonoR in this format for about 3 years with quite a success, but have seen Staxx, OathCombo, Reanimator, 5cAggro and Control of any sort. Check it out!

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