Unlocking the Vault #50: Power in Vintage Masters

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  1. I’d replace Tolarian Academy with Gaea’s Cradle in your list of mythics.

    You covered all the bases here. I hope they’re working on the set right now.

  2. I agree on most here. Tournaments with powered prices are something Wotc really should consider. Just look at the gold queues they have had.

    I on the other hand would buy and play vintage online even without any boosters as prize.

  3. I hope to see vintage events with original-art, old-border P9 as prizes (and a foil or two included). It makes sense to have lucrative events to play vintage with some regularity- DEs are proletariat :p

  4. Great article. You laid out some good suggestions/opinions. I hope they make power a little more common then what you suggested. I would like to too see power no higher then 30 to 40 tix. As for reprinting policy, I would like to see

    Mana Drain
    Mishra’s Workshop
    Bazaar of Baghdad
    Show and Tell
    Lion’s Eye Diamond
    Library of Alexandria
    Yawgmoth’s Will
    Oath of Druids
    Vampiric Tutor
    Tolarian Academy
    Gaea’s Cradle
    Force of Will
    Griselbrand/Blightsteel Colossus
    Time Vault

    The idea of having tournaments with a greater prize structure is good. I imagine that there will be a BoM type tournaments for vintage online in time. BTW, congrats on writing #50.

  5. awesome article a lot of great thoughts

    I’m looking forward to it although I really wish it didn’t cost so much, means less opportunities for people like me to join in

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments!

    Re: Vintage events, I didn’t articulate this, but clearly giving away more pries would require a larger entry fee (in case anyone from WotC is reading this:) ). But if the prize support is there, I think people will not have much concern about paying higher entry fees.

    Re: VM costs, yeah, $7/pack is pretty high. Hopefully the EV makes it worth the cost.

    Re: Power prices… if Power is to be no higher than 30-40 tix, then the rate of pulling Power might need to be lower than 1 in 24, which is probably unlikely. I’m not sure people that pull Power will think that the most prestigious card ever made is worth only 30 tix unless it seems like everyone has one.

  7. Largely agree with most of the predictions, though I disagree that FOW staying at $100 would be a death sentence for the format. People are WAY too pessimistic about its effect. I would also rather see P9 be rarer than 1-24 and more valuable than 30-40, though obviously something along the lines of 200 per would be back breaking. We need original art!

  8. The easiest solution that I would prefer is to have the foil P9 be extremely rare and with original art. This way the general supply is ensured but the players that like to pimp their decks can do so with very rare shiny P9. Thoughts?

  9. Original art paid the artist per printing, I think they renegotiated with some, others I know they did not. I think it is safe to assume that some original art will never be used.

  10. So all the original art in the MED printings was somehow renegotiated? I don’t understand how they can get deals done with a lot of the cards, but for some reason these specific 9 have a 0% rate. I really wish we could get an official statement on this and not a short, vague one, too. I’ve been waiting years and years and years to get P9 and when it finally comes I simply don’t want to have them be new frame, new art. It just wouldn’t be doing them “right.”

  11. Just playing devil’s advocate here, but maybe it’s not WotC who is preventing the original art from being online… maybe the artists recognize the allure of these cards and are asking for an obscene royalty fee since they were clearly underpaid back in 1993 before anyone knew Magic would take off.

    Food for thought…

  12. Yeah, it certainly could be. I’m not certain what the “obscene” level would be. Regardless, with all the talk about “doing it right” for years and years, I would think this sort of thing would have been in development for, well, years and years. It will be sad if it does not come to pass.

  13. Scott enderfall you and I have the same hopes
    I want to see:

    -Old art Birds of Paradise
    -Old boarders
    -Original art for P9`s not the PRM ones… ( I have a feeling we will not get the original art though just so that WoTC won`t be making paper players too upset)

    - Force of Will and Wastelands must be released as they are the most played cards in Vintage.

    Vintage has so many pricey uncommons….Let`s hope they stay uncommons for our wallets` sake.