Unlocking the Vault #58: Back to the Basics

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  1. Love the deck! Was a pleasure playing you in the finals, and congrats on the win (and apologies for taking so much time…was my first time piloting the deck and I’m afraid it showed).

  2. Don’t rule out playing instants on your turn. It’s often correct to wait until the last minute to use Swords or Brainstorm, but not always. There was at least once when your only play was to use S to P on your opponent’s creature, but you waiting until their attack step to do it, rather than do it on your turn. All that does is give them another chance to draw a counterspell. Same thing with Brainstorm – the moment I remember most is round 3 where you said “we can’t draw a land” but you were holding two Brainstorms and passed your entire turn without doing anything, only to use Brainstorm on your opponent’s end step. And sure enough that Brainstorm drew you into a land.
    Back to Basics is powerful in Classic at the right moment though, that’s for sure.

  3. I’ve been trying to be a little less aggressive with my Brainstorms. It was probably the wrong thing to do in R3, but it’s something that I’ve been consciously trying to do in an effort to get maximal value out of each Brainstorm. I seem to be playing a little better by holding on to my Brainstorms, but that was a case where I needed the land and should have used it.

    As for Workshop decks, they are on my radar screen, but I haven’t had much time to test due to the school workload. I’ll try to get to it in April, though.

  4. I wondered why you labeled my deck as “Control” and then I watched your Round 2 video. :) I actually think of it more as a Fish-style deck and I think I just happened to draw into the spell half of my deck as opposed to the creature half when we played, which was probably bad for me because even though I was countering a lot of your stuff, I wasn’t really advancing my board. Watching Game 2 was kind of surreal…it looks like we both had the win in our hand and opening at one point in time, but were too afraid of the opponents’ counter to play it.

    The Snapcaster play in Game 1: I had a brain fart and thought I had a Plow in the GY, then realized it was in my hand after I played it. That being said, it looked like you had that one as I was pretty much cold to TNN pre-board.

    Nice deck and nice videos! Congrats on the 4-0! Just remember to actually pack Affinity hate next time. :) (I played it twice; did not go so well.)