Unlocking the Vault #73: Grixis Control in Vintage

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  1. Round 2 Game 2 – Why sit on the tutors for so long? You mentioned how he seemed to be drawing every bullet in his deck, but you spent a few turns not shooting your own gun. At a minimum tutor for a counterspell if you’re trying to keep a winning position!

    Have you tried the Tendrils decks yet? Good way to force yourself to get aggressive with tutors instead of thinking of them as answers to be conserved.

    Keep up the good work

  2. m2g2 your use of pyroblast was weak in addition to your use of timewalk If you play correctly that game wouldn’t have ever been as close as you let it get might want to go back and reevaluate those turns.

  3. Game 2 versus Dredge, tutor for Lotus, turn 2 play key (misstep backup), play lotus, play Will, replay Lotus, tutor for Vault and Win.

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