Unlocking the Vault #83: B&R Announcement Aftermath

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  1. I’m not sure what you’d want to double Entomb for in Vintage, too, but it certainly is unique! In Modern, Gifts is double Entomb where you’d fetch Unburial Rights and Elesh Norn/Iona/Griselbrand/etc. Gifts is unrestricted in Legacy yet Reanimator decks use Entomb/Animate Dead/Exhume/etc. instead, mostly because of how slow ramping to 4 mana can be. Vintage obviously gets to benefit from Moxes/Lotus/etc. so you don’t have to wait until Turn 4, but it still seems painfully slow and it’s stopped by a card that is found in nearly every single Vintage deck: Grafdiggers Cage. Decks that don’t want Cage (Oath, Dredge, Storm) are simply faster options.