1. Great initiative! Sadly, I’m going to miss all three of these due to a conflicting schedule. :(

  2. Hi everyone! Please do let us know if you were interested in playing but couldn’t/can’t due to availability issues. We are looking into league options for future initiatives (to open up events to players with tough-to-change schedules).

  3. Wish I could join in, but I have prior plans.. still will donate 10 to it tho if AJ or Chris wanna find me in game for it prior

  4. So, does a league mean you play anyone in the league and track results with your same deck?

    I play such off hours, but something like that may work for me.

  5. I can’t make it, but I’ll donate an Enlightened Tutor to the prize pool. That’s a good card to have if you want to get nerdy for the 100CS format.

  6. Just a reminder!

    You will need to register on Gatherling.com (http://gatherling.com/register.php) and then follow this link to register:


    (Please cut and paste the above link… I am unsure as to why it isn’t displaying correctly)

    Also, you need to upload your deck to Gatherling prior to the event starting (or it drops you automatically- I’ll remind everyone in chat tomorrow, too). No more e-mails! :)

  7. Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Entry for in Vivat centum! 1.02 not found’ in /home/gatherli/public_html/models/Deck.php:348 Stack trace: #0 /home/gatherli/public_html/deck.php(270): Deck->save() #1 /home/gatherli/public_html/deck.php(74): insertDeck() #2 {main} thrown in /home/gatherli/public_html/models/Deck.php on line 348

  8. I think I’m registered… I’m also 100% sure I will want to change decks tomorrow, but will be too lazy to do so!

  9. @Sensei, try logging in on Gatherling first, I had the same error.

    Then you should be able to register for the tournament.

  10. Hi,
    I tried to submit the deck but the software does not recognize Baleful Strix- what can I do?

  11. Yeah. I cannot make this; thought it was 1pm. Too late o’clock, my men. Many complaints!

  12. @ChrisK: I ‘ ll like to donate some unhinged swamp. Looking forward to the clash!

  13. sy, friends- need to drop from the tourney :-((, need to keep the small one; enjoy & of course donation still holds

  14. Ok, I got in, but not from the link provided. When logged in it provided me with a link to pre-register for this event and that worked. Hope that helps others.

  15. Thanks, huffy.
    I thought you meant the “home” link not the “player c.p.” link. But yeah, I figured it out.

  16. Have fun, dudes! I am gutsick as all get out/threw a tantrum, so I am gonna bow outta this one!

  17. Are there any plans for a third tournament? Would really love this to turn into a regularly scheduled (monthly?) tournament.