Who’s Your Daddy:? Exploring Uranus

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  1. Where the f*** is Ringo?

    Also nice Rasputin deck. Videos showcase most aspects of it: the strong draws aswell as the slow ones.

  2. This was a weird one, normally this gets a lot of anger for how broooooooootal it can be, and usually is. Perhaps something was lost in my procedure that made me less of a competitor.

  3. Nice masturbatory aid. Exactly what fun do you get out of a deck like this? You aren’t the best player or deckbuilder in the world and you aren’t going to be winning any awards or cementing your place in the pro community through commander matches, so why make a deck that aims only to take infinite turns and scream at people “Hey guys, hey guys look, look at what I am doing, oh man you guys don’t even stand a chance, just sit back for 20 minutes while I combo out, oh yeah I’m so fucking good, oh shit yeah did you see all those artifacts i made, this isn’t even its fastest draw, did i tell you it can win on turn 3, oh my god I should be a pro or something oh my god yes” Call me a crazy, but isn’t competitive constructed about optimising deck choices and plays to be the best and win all the money, women, and fast cars, while commander and casual is about getting together with friends to play with sub-par but wacky decks that drag games out for hours while you chat and drink some beers? What exactly are you doing here other than trolling? And if that is your aim, don’t you think you should grow out if whatever retarded phase you are going through where you need to stroke your ego and shit all over others? (wink wink colonoscopy wink)

  4. I guess you didn’t listen to the opening statements. I was showcasing a very specific style of deck: competitive. Your opinions on what is Casual, Commander, religion, what is sexy in a man, or the best flavor of Skittle has no bearing on what this video was providing. My advise would be, don’t watch it if you don’t like it. My hope is that someone can either 1.) utilize this as an effective strategy, or 2.) use it to beat the hell out this very strategy.

    Also, try a paragraph break some time.

  5. Put together the scion of the ur-dragon / hermit druid necrotic ooze deck and see how many people you can make block you instead of this garbage rasputin deck ;)

  6. Yea, I almost called it. I was already thinking.. what did this guy do have colon cancer?

  7. If I had a dollar for every time someone said “yea” thinking it meant “yeah” I would have enough money to make you all chemically sterile. Yea = yay. Yeah is the correct spelling!!!!!!!

  8. Yeah your correct. I have not played the commander format before and am watching games to get used to the format. I think the Divining Top may be too slow for this deck. An interesting combo would be to power out the commander, and then use a Birthing Pod to dig for an Avatar of Woe, or an Avatar of Slaughter. It could also benefit from having some green answers such as a Green Sun Zenith, a Genesis wave, or a Garruk the Relentless.

  9. With Future Sight, top is another insta-win with infi mana, or even, a lot of mana. If I am playing Serum Visions, why would I not play a colorless card that is 10000x better? I don’t think you are grasping the deck. And I can’t play any of the cards you listed, nor would I play any of them if I could. You are talking about watermelons when I am talking about apples.

  10. Thanks for another great set of vids!

    I don’t get the “but this is not casual” sentiment expressed by certain posters above. If this is such a problem, then why aren’t more of the “un-casual” cards banned? Like, why aren’t Sol Ring and Mana Crypt banned? I’d play Sol Ring over Black Lotus any day. Most of the broken opening plays seem to involve one of these two cards, yet they’re considered format staples. Except when Travis opens with a handful of “format staples”, in which case they’re unfun, too competitive, and clearly the work of the devil.

    Also, Travis… why u no plai Spapcaster?

  11. Alas, the great divide: that same sore spot of what should be and what is. This format is rife with imposition of ideals, against the state of what most definitely is. It os further exacerbated by Mr. Menery: unbanning things like Worldgorger (which has only ever been part of a closed-loop combo), then through the other side of his mouth saying “CASUAL!”

    Sol Ring is not Casual. Playing Genesis Wave for 20 plus on Turn 4 is not Casual. The great many of staples in this format are not Casual, yet the hangers-on declare otherwise. Yes, there are not PT stakes up for grab, but more so bc how would one approach such a thing? To quote Hassan I sabbah: Nothing is Real; everything is permitted.., well, at least in terms of bannings.

    So quit yr bitchin’, if it ain’t banned it’s allowed. This format means a great many things to a great many people, that doesn’t always include the weird notion of restraint for lesser cards fueled by some of the most insanely broken cards ever printed. Put jet fuel in your moped, see what the f happens!

  12. Hey Travis,
    I’m just wondering what your new deck was going to be about, and I thought of a General/Commander that seems to follow the Combo-Oriented Style of the decks you have posted recently. This General would be: Riku of Two Reflections. This guy practically screams BROKEN! He (Or rather THEY…) serve as a “Mirari” and a never-ending clone… I’ve been brewing up something with this General, and found him to be great with spells like “Time Warp” and “Temporal Manipulation”. He could also be used to copy small rampant growths, or as a finisher: “Searing Wind”. While RUG isn’t the strongest of color combinations, I predict that Riku could bring the best of those three colors together and combo-out very quickly.
    Please let me know, and happy brewing!