1. Ugh, that game 1 perfectly illustrates why I don’t feel like playing MTGO at the moment.

    I’ll watch the rest of the games later, but thanks for sharing your frustrations, Trav-dawg.

  2. Nice one again Trav!
    I think every Magic player has thought about building a white EDH-lifegain deck thats actually good and you finally did it for all of us.

    I’m always amazed at how ppl. react to Armageddon effects and don’t seem to be able to draw land, some sort of mana or tutor for 12 straight turns but still trash talk about other ppls decks.
    So did you get that Gypsy guy banned or the Power dude?

    While watching this particular deck I thought to myself that I’m really curious at seeing you in the procces of building it.
    I mean how do you find cards like “Gift of Estates”?
    Are you typing “land” in the gatherer and search for white cards only or what?

    Maybe you could do a video of you building a deck live one day :)

    On another note: I do like your table-drumming quite a bit.

    Gypsy if you ever get curious and try and find your video. Just know that it is people like you that make the game on MTGO a terrible place to be. I never noticed a single one of the other people complaining in that match.
    Travis I think it would be hilarious to bring back your griefer deck and continuously hunt down queues that he is in.

  4. As others have said , it is people like Joe that made me stop playing mtgo. I really wish there was a mod or option of some sort to remove player chat completely. As sad as that sounds since this is supposed to be a social game. I would much rather not deal with anyone and just play then deal with the people on there that become so brave when the computer is protecting them.

    99% of the jerks on there would not dare say the stuff they do in a real card shop with a real person sitting in front of them. It sucks because I live in a small town and my friends are over 2 hours away. So I could really benefit from playing on there. However, the bad experiences I had in just two months caused me to leave it.

    Thanks for the videos, these are all I have to get my magic enjoyment most times.

  5. This was an arduous week for sure. I was truly surprised at the amount and depth of the whining. While I did expect some, I wasn’t expecting people to go as savagely mad or be so vindictive. Sadder yet, I would say that games like these constitute the bulk of my attempts to bring you guys great videos. And boy oh boy did they up the ante on the freaking out and game hostage taking by allowing two more people per table with this last update.

    To me, there has always been a single great rift between two archetypes.

    There’s your guys who have Frazetti Posters on their wall and save money to buy authentic replicas of Arthurian weapons and who can speak fluent Klingon. (If you don’t know what any of that meant, you are not one of those guys.)

    Then there’s your guys who play poker and are small time hustlers with mathy minds that care about winning a little too much, but wouldn’t be sore if the thematic world of Magic was retooled around Pixar’s Cars.

    Sure there is some crossover, but never the two worlds shall meet. And there will always been conflict, posturing, and freaking out when someone infringes upon the ideals of the other. Enter MtGO!!!

    In the end, this is to be expected. This format is a refuge for sore losers who get salty when people don’t aspire to use broken cards like Sol Ring for turboing out a Craw Wurm. They want all the gas, but to job instead of run, and they expect everyone else to follow suit and take the watering can to all their decks. To this end, there is little to do but find some like-minded, no broken brained peeps and try and eek out a game. Anymore, I find this stuff entertaining, though it does provoke the grand adjudicator in me like nothing else.

    I have started putting money into board games, as I have cobbled together a nice small play group of people here in NYC (which is basically impossible). If you simply like gaming and hanging out with non-douches, and want want a level playing field that isn’t too cost prohibitive, this is a great aspect. Fantasy Flight has made a couple hundo off me in these last two months for their nicely rendered endeavors.

    eXXa, I simply typed Plains in search all. But I was aware of the card. So if I am gonna play ‘Geddons, I know I need cards to help mitigate the potential downturn. So I think “Tithe” and “Weathered Wayfarer” and “Endless Horizons” and “Land Tax” and anything resembling them that isn’t just awful. Estates is right on that bubble, but in a format where people ramp out lands so often, and where I don’t wanna go first with a deck like this, it really smooths out weird draws and gets you to the big games. I often peruse EVERY applicable card in any given deck before I take it out for a spin. This is time consuming, but it puts a lot of greats cards on your radar, for sure. (You don’t know how bad I wanted to play Inheritance in this piece!)

    I spent a lot of time on this deck, as I tried to build it twice prior and just ended up going “BAH!” The urge to include all the big sweepers like Planar Cleasning and Akroma’s Vengeance is like the topless lure of mohawked siren with nice smelling lip gloss. It took a lot of tweaking and fine tuning, but I love this deck the most of the 4 I have covered so far (next week’s = red!!!). It’s sadistic and has that pour the meat tenderizer on the wound vibe that makes putting these videos out fun.

    Gross, I know. So now I am late to work because I wrote the equivalent of a PKD short story. BYE!

  6. Look I’m not saying that peoplehave aright to go crazy and complain all game long,but when someone isnt having fun and they quit u also complain that you didn’t want any quitters so don’t complain about people quitting when you put them in unfun situations just my thoughts

  7. I don’t think that someone calling me a racists, sticking around for over an hour hassling people, and going insane is the same as “someone quitting/complaining.” Also, “unfun” seems subjective, as you saw other people not complaining while dudes ruined games with their human tears. I apprec the words, but in this instance a devil’s advocate isn’t needed. In the build I forecasted potential drama – I didn’t foresee it to be so blatant and over the top.

    Another thing to keep in mind is, I am not just annoyed that someone quits, often for something really small and insubstantial. I am annoyed because I am taping the games, going over things about the deck, telling tales, and always dedicating hours upon hours of time to try and get an accurate representation of the decks, my ideas, the format, etc. So my frustration is compounded – it’s not about people leaving when I lock up the game. It’s about people ruining potential content for childish vindication.

  8. I like the build this week– a little different than the usual Mono White I’ve seen/tried. Though I laughed at the Commander games a bit, there truly is a problem with the community interaction online. People in general are accustomed to this sort of Internet hate speech— and in a way that leaves more to be desired from the game. So here are some thoughts for those of you who insist on making Commander online unfun–

    1. Powerful cards like Armageddon are only game breakers in certain instances. Keep your head on and don’t feel justified in bringing a game down just because you can’t cast your 9 drop. By doing this you’re only hurting your own ability to design your deck in a better fashion for the next time. Stop making assumptions on what the format should or should not be.

    2. Someone making an offhand comment about your play shouldn’t be taken as a personal all out attack. This too seems to be a common thread in my experience online. Using prurient language and calling people retarded doesn’t really make you a better player or create a fun social atmosphere.

    3. If you think an archetype is overpowered, don’t complain. Make adjustments to your deck design–Be Creative! What I enjoy about these videos is that at least they’re trying to be educational. Perhaps on a personal level you’ll see that part of what makes this game enjoyable is that social experience. Learn from others, be friendly, and quiet yourself if you’re upset. That’s the only way to become better at the top levels.

    Thanks again for some insight into the MTGO world Travis. Here’s hoping that there’s someone there at WOTC watching and thinking about how they can make this world we call home a little bit more friendly.



  9. suggestion, if a dude afks pause the recording then unpause when he returns/times out, should cut down on the dead air like at the end of the 1st vid.

    thanks for the vids!

  10. The problem as I see it is that you do not look at commander as a fun casual game, you look at it as another format where you can be ruthless. Commander/edh was designed as a fun format, not a ruthless format, and by playing the decks that you play you are breaking the “gentlemens agreement” that has been around since the format started.

    Commander is not a tourney format, it is a casual format. People are playing to have fun. Your decks are designed to not allow the opp to play. Either you make instant win combos, use mass LD, or create locks.

    If you are going to play ultra competitive commander decks, then you should start the games yourself and be very clear that they are not casual.

    I am not excusing someone ranting about it for the whole match, but i can definitely see why it would piss people off. My reaction to players that play competitive decks in casual only formats is to block them and move on. Why would i want to play vs someone whose only interest is winning? Commander is about fun for all, not fun for you.

    When I play commander I always start my own games, and add “no mass ld” in the game description.

  11. 420gabriel, that’s a bunch of subjective bull.

    A “casual” game or format doesn’t have a definition, and you cannot say that certain strategies or cards are or are not allowed simply based on the general consensus. Which is also a big fat lie, as the vast majority of players are open-minded and not a bunch of whining brats that think the only legal decks are green-based ramp decks.

    Casual is chaos. Do what thou willst and all that jazz. One game you might have an opponent with a 2000$ cut-throat deck and in the next one you play three pre-cons. Deal with it or go play some solitaire.

    To me, casual simply means that the game has no effect on my player rating, costs no money and the goal is simply to sit down and play for the love of the game. You have the right to think otherwise of course, but no right to instruct others on how the format is meant to be interpreted.

  12. Agreed, Wyrath. This argument, gabriel, is a poor one. I don’t care who is a gentleman, or what they agree to; you are ignoring blatant fact. Example: Worldgorger Dragon was unbanned a few months ago. This card has only ever been a closed loop, non-interactive combo. If this format is “fun” why would the moderators allow this card to be played, amidst the other uber-powerful spells that are banned or restricted in every competitive format?

    What makes me the most confused is, this is the format standard: people play brutal cards BECAUSE THEY ARE LEGAL. Sol Ring is one of the most broken cards ever printed, and yet we see one in every single precon for the format. You can’t have cards like this legal and expect to either not see them at all or have them played to fuel out mediocre spells in some vague agreement between people who have never met before. So the issue here, is you, and others, are imposing what is a play group set of house rules on an unmitigated online setting. The two are not the same, hence why online the format has a varying title to imply the difference.

    I could bust out more ball-shattering evidence, but what is the use? These videos have proven even when I play a watered down deck with no combo cards or lock outs, one of your “casual” brethren starts harping on how mythics should have never been made, or how I have a foil rare, speculating about my lifestyle and attitudes outside the game.

    The problem isn’t players who bring the permitted cards; it’s the players who have an expectation that those cards will not be played. I thank Sheldon and his crew for helping to create this format, by my gosh, this divide is an unrelenting source of annoyance and ridiculousness.

    Lastly, I always label my games – no quitters, competitive decks welcome. I know you just wanted to breeze through and wane philosph and all, but at least do some research before making the most profoundly obvious of statements. I might add, that most players don’t read game descriptions and just join because there is room. So the onus is just as much on the Casual guys who don’t bother to read game descriptions, research the format, and/or make the games more univiting with their squabbling and bratty nonsense.

  13. Scumbag GypsyJoe:

    Spends five hours calling land destruction a douchebag move and an irrelevant play.

    Plays Urborg and Cabal Coffers in his deck.

  14. My biggest problem with all of this is while your opponents were incredibly out of line, you (as usual) jumped right in and went back and forth with them for the entire hour+. Taking the first posted video as an example, what I watched was not one but TWO ridiculously immature children bickering back and forth for over an hour while two others sat quietly, most probably inutter annoyance, as their EDH game was ruined by you two.

    I know the other guy started it and I know he was the worst of what MODO has to offer. However, by taking the bait, you made yourself no better than him.

  15. Andy, you are mistaking me antagonizing this sad sack of rubies as though I were actually shaken by them and trying to appeal to their (lack of) logic. I can see how it comes across as such, but my intention is to counter this absurd behavior, if even in jest. And the second gentleman, that started calling me a racist, well, to compare my behavior to his seems pretty cross-eyed.

  16. travis loved the back and forth with d-bag joe but like andy i have one small complaint about it and that would be that you may have dragged it out too long and kept that game going much past where it could have ended and it eventually got slightly irritating to see the same rant over and over and over

    anyways on to the rest of the vids

  17. I would say you have to consider that Travis is trying to make vids, and this week he chose to include the ones that previously he would have just thrown out. By capitulating to people that continue to rage on and on in games, you have to wonder— who’s really winning? Honestly for me if someone’s just going to pull out constant belligerence, should you quit the game? Should you simply say nothing? If the MTGO community is fine with these sorts of people being around– whilst creating false equivalencies, then the format will never truly be capable of having larger support. And thusly, we all lose.

    Arguing over the casual nature of the format is subjective— to me all of Commander is casual. But because you have powerful spells, why wouldn’t you play them if it makes sense to play them in your deck? If you want people to agree to only certain types of archetypes, then invite your friends and create your own play group. Otherwise everyone will have to accept that if a card isn’t on the banned list, then it’s fair game.

  18. I don’t get the format. Mox Pearl is banned but Sol Ring is not? Does not compute; Sol Ring is the better card by far. Ancestral Recall banned? This is not a format where you slowly grind people out and win because you drew a whole two extra cards. I wouldn’t blow a counterspell on an Ancestral Recall; I’d rather save it for the Armageddon.

    And just how is Armageddon legal if diametrically opposes the “spirit” of the format? Why aren’t people like GypsyJoe complaining to the powers that be to ban mass land destruction instead of complaining about it in games? I hate Armageddon, but it explicitly NOT being banned means it’s something I have to be prepared for.

    I am obviously not following my own “advice” here by ranting on this website instead of mr Mennery’s, but I’d like to hear the opinion of reasonable people before subjecting myself to any “lol if u dont get it its just not for u” conversation stoppers.

    Am I just not getting it? What is the philosophy behind the Commander banned list? Is it power level? Douchebag potential? Monetary cost? And why does there need to be a “gentleman’s agreement” in addition to the banned list?

  19. I somehow got here because a friend told me I could get some ideas. Really MLD? Competitive EDH?. Sorry mate but you would be better playing standard/modern and winning money instead of wasting the time of other EDH players that play for funs. Of course people are going to quit after MLD.

    Even in competitive your deck could not win against a scion deck. At least their combo goes no longer than turn 3-4. And its an instant kill so no dragging a game long after it.

    Then again just imagine a board with all 4-6 players using scion just playing hermit druid and going for the win. Yeah fun. 4-5 minute games.

    Sorry for the flame but yeah, next time please remember that you aren’t playing solitaire here. Or at least play scion. That way you will always win fast so you don’t waste others times.

  20. Hey Travis,
    I’m just wondering what your new deck was going to be about, and I thought of a General/Commander that seems to follow the Combo-Oriented Style of the decks you have posted recently. This General would be: Riku of Two Reflections. This guy practically screams BROKEN! He (Or rather THEY…) serve as a “Mirari” and a never-ending clone… I’ve been brewing up something with this General, and found him to be great with spells like “Time Warp” and “Temporal Manipulation”. He could also be used to copy small rampant growths, or as a finisher: “Searing Wind”. While RUG isn’t the strongest of color combinations, I predict that Riku could bring the best of those three colors together and combo-out very quickly.
    Please let me know, and happy brewing!