1. that was the shortest video series I’ve ever seen you do.
    and it wasn’t close.
    inform me of your glitch tastes

  2. Indeed. These weeks have proven weird. I love this deck so much; one of my favorites for this series. I held off two weeks to make this video, longer than I think I should have for Innistrad to be released. I regret that now, as it added zilch to the deck and I didn’t run up against much new stuff.

    If anything, it is interesting to me to see the trends that occur. Last week I faced crazed trolling and ragers with my mono-white deck that was by far the more tame and “fair.” This week I god draw into a victory then get crushed ten game sin a row. The other vids were scarcely any different: people freaking out hard and wiping me like doo from the crack of the universe with a wadded corner of parachute.

    These represent the gross experience succinctly. Unfortunately, this is peak season at my jobby job, and I am the info juggler, therefore busy as heck! So this was more daunting that I thought.

    This deck is better than good. Alas, the videos do not represent it well.

    Next week there will be 4 game vids: vastly more swingy and fun.

  3. Loved the deck, T-Pain, but some very strange games indeed.

    I personally don’t like the 4+ opponents, as I think the games become too chaotic for my taste, but it was hillarious to see the god draw in g1. Looking forward to next week.

  4. The opening song! What is it man! It has grabbed a hold of my mind and will not let go until I listen to it ’till I get sick of it.

  5. Ahhh that is where I have heard it before. Now my mind can stop bouncing off it’s bony walls for a short time. Thank you, sir!

  6. Thanks again for the videos. I like watching the decktech part. The actual playing, not so much. Commander just feels so arbitrary, non interactive , slow, political, non engaging and not fair.

    That said you are still my favorite author here, but wish you would do 100card singleton again o master of the 100 cards.

  7. I would piledrive the last panda alive to have 100CS come back into full swing. Truly, this format is rife with soooooooo many issues. But, once you hunker down and accept the sadness, the format can be fun. The PRE Chaos, on occasion, is a good way to play – interactive challenging and with competitive minded individuals. Sure, there are some assclowns, too, but on the whole, they aight!

  8. I would like to say that the epic fails and bad ideas of 100CS were pretty rampant. Some of my favorites:

    Elves splash blue for FoW (with only 8 other blue cards – one being Pestermite – I get the potential synergy but I mean c’mon???)

    4c Zur lockout – how this decks was beyond me, so full of dead azz draws and weird conditional schtuff.

    Any Naya deck that played Wooly Thoctar – card is so bad.

    Anyway, to each their own. Kool is a hater beyond Yorkies, Pez dispensers that resemble politicians, and manorexia.

    I’ll Fatmmander all ovah dat t’ug!

  9. My game group just completed our first game of Arkham Horror last night, the base game is challenging enough that I feel like it is enough to hold someone over before they started adding expansions on top of it.

  10. Thanks for the info on the boardgame. Played Mansions of Madness a few days ago and loved it. I def am enjoying boardgames more and more these days, as these videos showcase the myriad horrors of traversing this format.