Windmill Slam: Battle For Zendikar Draft #1

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  1. Nearly every one of your recent drafts you’ve tried to time out your opponents. Such dull, scum play. It’s quite poetic you nearly got timed out yourselves in round two.

  2. Derek

    You know what’s “dull, scum play”? When people waste your time slow playing. Anyone who can be timed out should be.

  3. LOL @ no alternatives. Check out a game called HEX: Shards of Fate. Incredibly smooth client, very similar rules to Magic so you will be right at home, and they just announced a $100k tournament where you can still qualify if you start getting qualifier points.

    On top of that, the cards are way more fun, and the developers are awesome people who will not nickle and dime you. Magic is so 1990s. Still enjoy watching others play it, but it is not the best digital TCG anymore.

  4. “[Scour from Existence] is just an unplayable card.”

    Jesus, Oisin, when did you get so shit at card evaluation? Scour is worse in draft than sealed, but you’re playing a fucking control deck. Seven mana to answer a seven or eight mana creature is fine. Same thing with Spell Shrivel and Horribly Awry – you claim they’re bad cards, but they wrecked you in this game. I’ve played half a dozen limited events of BFZ and Scour and countermagic have overperformed for me every single time.

    It’s like you forgot everything you learned from KTK limited: this is an environment where people are going to dump 8+ mana into a card. Making them do it twice (bounce, for instance) or countering it is a very good thing to do. You stand the chance of getting run over by aggressive landfall decks, but even then the spells come online early enough (and there are enough defensive cards) that you can survive it unless your opponent has his god hand.

  5. Re: Blaine

    I explained my consternation at their style of play, where they deliberately want to win just by timing their opponent out (check out their last three drafts at least).

    What makes me a douche? Troll

    Re: DDMTG

    True, but there was at least one part in this where they were planning on responding to every trigger forcing the opponent t do so too instead of F6ing. If the other person is just crazy slow well it’s their fault they lost but if you’re forcing them to play two/three turns where you’re definitely losing – I don’t see the point – especially when you’re making content to be watched by others. (And giving MTGOAcademy a bad name by scum play)

  6. Your post-mortem comments on Round 3 were spot-on: the 0-3 was kinda inevitable from the actual draft.

    I think we’ve all done it: go in with a plan, but then get side-tracked and pick cards that just don’t fit in with it. It’s why drafting is such a difficult thing to get right.

    The guy in Round 1 got it right, a really nice deck for draft!

    @ Derek, I disagree that winning on time is a scum play, or making someone play an extra turn or two to whittle down the clock. Perfectly valid in Chess, so why not in MTG?

  7. I almost quit playing MTGO because of the time. I was having a hard time learning the interface and made several errors using the hotkeys tha cost me the game. To make matters worse there were several situations where I was one turn from winning the game but my opponent was able to force me into enough responses to time me out. I out played my op and won the first game and there was no chance my op could have won game 2 except to intentionally time me out. It just felt like cheating. I know it is within the rules but it just seems unethical and is definately not a good way to grow the community.