Windmill Slam: Summer 2014 Cube

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  1. Do not play cube. It should be boycotted due to its awful prize structure.

  2. Towards the end of pack 3 you missed that verdant catacombs could find your godless shrine. I think that’s better than having a random inkwell leviathan.

  3. m1g2, on turn 2 I’m pretty sure you should just play the mox and balance.

    That way, you discard lingering souls (or maybe one of your uncastable blue spells), and he sacs a forest and rofellos. Then you play your land afterwards. and you’re left with 2 lands + mox, 4 cards in hand and lingering souls in the graveyard.

    He is left with a forest and 5 cards in hand.

  4. verdant catacombs could fetch a source of any of your three colors. black and white with the shrine and blue by running breeding pool in place of an island.

  5. With scaling tarn you could splash red and run nicobolas . . . .you do have relic

  6. m3g2; If you remand the copy of prophetic bolt instead of the real bolt, he doesn’t get a prophetic bolt back in his hand….

  7. Wouldn’t Remanding the Copy return nothing to his hand, instead of y’now, a Prophetic Bolt?

  8. At the end of round 1 you should have held your creatures back to ‘chump’ the titan, then next turn you could balance and destroy the titan and all the extra land he’d put into play.

  9. thanks for the comments about picking the cards you like, versus the “correct” pick! that’s exactly how I approach cube, too, and it was nice to hear someone has a similar philosophy… in other news, just got passed both Library of Alexandria AND Mox Pearl, FOURTH pick…

  10. I don’t think I could have resisted that Basalt Monolith when I already had Wake Thrasher in my pile.

    Though the consistency of the UB land was probably correct.

    But…but…attacking with an arbitrarily large Wake Thrasher!

  11. burt I had the same thought but it doesn’t work because Denis had bitterblossom in play, meaning he doesn’t have to sac the titan.

    Also remanding the real prophetic bolt had me facepalming pretty hard. The only worse play was the opponent not killing the hero with it on the next turn (and not doing anything else relevant either).

  12. No one wants to talk about Moxes and whether they should take a land slot or a spell slot?

    I personally split the difference with them. If I have two, it’s an easy decision to run them in place of 1 land. If you only have 1 of them, then it is definitely more dependent on your curve and your color distribution. With your deck (3 colors and wanting to get to aetherling) I would have run it as a spell.