Windmill Slam: Vintage Cube Summer 2016 Draft #1

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  1. “……by first-picking a card with the best new MTGO art of them all!”


  2. So you passed bazaar of bagdad over solemn, in reanimator.
    In fact you didnt even mention it…

    Did you just not see it, or you dont know what the card does?

  3. Do not play cube. It should be boycotted due to its awful prize structure. But coming from a guy like you, im not surprised that is seems like you never learn…

  4. quicken??????? no recurring nightmare??? no shallow grave?? jeez…

    terrible choices all over the draft..

    luck for u that the archetype was open

  5. 1-2 with that pool, something is wrong with u,

    also, no bazzar of baghdad??

    the mystical tutor over the mox was a nice one tho

  6. The videos were amusing but you got way too greedy the last game you literally said I should do sphinx because of his deck and could’ve and didn’t..wrh