100 Card Singleton Collector’s Checklist

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  1. Now this is a gosh dang smarticle!!! Sure it took me, Zwick, three apes, and a horse that knows algebra to publish, but still…

  2. This is amazing! Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to see if I could feasible get into the format for the PEs but had no idea where to start.

  3. This article is really a must read for anyone who plays Magic Online — 100CS is easily my favorite format and anything that can be done to increase its overall health and popularity is a good thing. I’ll refer everyone I know who becomes interested in the format to this article as their jump-off point. Thanks!

  4. Yowza, what a long ass article of decklists. I still think it’s a pretty expensive format, and not completely to my tastes, but I have recently dipped into standard singleton so who knows, that might just be a step along the way to 100CS

  5. Very awesome representation of the collector’s decklist. Definitely going to book mark this on my Netscape 2.0.

  6. Been wanting something like this for awhile. Thanks to all the contributors!

  7. Thanks for the positive feedback, guys.

    @Travis and Zwick: thanks for your hard work! I love the way you’ve presented my pet project.

  8. I’ve never played 100CS, but this article makes me want to. In all seriousness, this is the best article I’ve read on 100CS, great job!

  9. I for one found the list extremely helpful. I already play quite a bit of 100cs, but its nice to double check and grab cards that I missed to complete my collection. There are so many possibilities in this format which is why it’s so much fun. All of those who are questioning trying it do it! I’ll be more than happy to test with you. Great article Zimbardo! I think it’s probably your best so far that I’ve read.

  10. I like your explain about the costs of decks and the use of cards,i think is a very very nice article,youy explain a lot of things to new players,and show a bunch of curiosities for expert or casuals players.

    Thanks for a great job,and congrats.

  11. A wonderful article.

    Cost is still a bit too high for me, as I am trying to invest in other formats (neo-Extended and Legacy), but at least now one has a far better idea about the requirements of 100CS (both in regards to deckbuilding, metagame and entry cost).


  12. Fantastic article, really useful for singleton players to avoid having to weed through the chaff. Will you be having regular updates to this every set/block or will this be a one-off? I appreciate the difficulty in having to data mine so much stuff, but a regular series would be fantastic!