100 Card Singleton Needs You!

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  1. here’s the one tiny flaw in your logic

    you use the ev of the event as a sales pitch but by bringing in new players YOU ARE LOWERING THE EV other than that yeah all you legacy and extended players will feel right at home heck you commander guys can just run your commander deck as is assuming it is in compliance of the banned list.

  2. Maybe some day I will return to play in one of my favorite formats. This should increase the EV for everyone else in the tournament :-)

  3. @the god of envy: if the event fails to fire, it has no EV.

    @Plejades: you would always win- stay away!

  4. Having spent my whole MTGO budget lately on Commander decks I have a pretty good selection of cards. Now I only have to translate them into 100cs cards.

  5. I just started playing this format, and it’s awesome. It’s decision-heavy, making it challenging both to deck-build and to play, and playing with interesting cards that once had the spotlight (like Mystic Snake, just to name one example) is really refreshing.

  6. I concur this format is the best. I just wish i had the time spare to play in the weekend challenges.

  7. Good news! This weekend’s event just launched at THIRTY THREE players! Thank you to everyone that helps to promote 100 Card Singleton! Now, we just can’t let the momentum die off again…

  8. Plas!plas!plas!plas!,

    Nice one Chris.

    I dont understand why you dont join today. ;) ;)

    Is a joke i now why :)

  9. Guess its time for me to come back too ;)) Now with nats gone and worlds in more than 2, time is good for some singleton till Scars comes online.

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