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Jesse K (IAnonymous on MTGO) is a Bay Area, California wizard who's been playing and complaining about Magic: the Gathering since 1995. In his free time he enjoys building Commander decks that he rarely gets to play, gardening, and bird watching. Jesse T is an improviser, educator, and level 30 flavor judge. When he's not crusading for justice in the streets of Boston, he can be found on MTGO as gob of spit.
Planeswalker’s Guide to the Multiverse, Abridged Vol. 1: A-N

In Planechase, you travel around to a bunch of different planes by rolling dice, which is a great temporary solution while you wait for your latent magical powers to manifest. We’ll take you on a quick tour of the multiverse, and show you some of the amazing places you’re missing out on in the meantime.

Two Jesses Present— Commander 2016 Flavor Rankings

Welcome, one and all, to the Commander 2016 Flavor Rankings! They’re like power rankings, but for flavor. This year’s Commander set is shaking up the flavor metagame with a whole spate of esoteric legends, and we’re here to let you know which are better than the others, and by how much, in strict descending order.

Two Jesses Present— Duel Decks: Trump vs. Clinton

On Nov. 8th two warring factions will battle for supremacy, and if the wrong side wins, it could mean complete planar annihilation! No, it’s not the next Magic set, it’s the US presidential election! You can recreate the excitement at your kitchen table with Two Jesses’ Duel Decks: Trump vs. Clinton!