Explorer’s Scope: The 100CS Conundrum

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  1. Excellent article – not only useful for 100 Card Singleton players but for all others as well. I think that judging synergies is one of the toughest concepts of the game. We often here the phrase:”Not very good but gets better with many xyz.” Allies are just one example from the newest block and not easy to evaluate unless tested thoroughly in different configurations. How many synergetic cards do you really need to make a mediocre or even “bad” card viable? Is the improvement linear or exponential or a hard to find thing between? What are the compromises you have to make and when is a strong stand alone card the better choice? I am interested what others think about this topic.

  2. I was just recently saying “Being good at Magic doesn’t make you good at playing Singleton formats.” I’m glad that you touched upon the necessary deckbuilding discipline this format requires. Great article!

  3. Also, and I am not joking, one of my sleeves includes a four-headed giraffe. So this picture at the top resonates with me :)

  4. Thanks gents. The singleton formats continue to surprise me when it comes to both building and playing. There is so much depth to them (but 100CS in particular) that I feel like we, as an online community, are still just scratching the surface of what is possible.

  5. Also re: the magic interface. Last I checked there wasn’t even a default way to find planeswalkers (unlike every other card type)

    Maybe this will be fixed when they switch to 4.0 (or whatever they are calling the browser based version.)

    Good article though. I know when I experimented with 100 card singleton I was sort of just making a pile of cards in the colours I decided to play… yeah… that didn’t really work most of the time.

  6. Yeah. You pretty much have to use “planes” or “planeswalker” in the search field to find planeswalkers. That is just one of the myriad ways in which MTGO hampers deck building – but I can’t knock the program too much. I would almost never get to play if it wasn’t for MTGO.