Khans of Tarkir Visual Spoiler (Complete)

Abzan Battle Priest Abzan Falconer

Ainok Bond-Kin Alabaster Kirin

Brave the Sands Dazzling Ramparts

Defiant Strike End Hostilities

Erase Feat of Resistance

Firehoof Cavalry Herald of Anafenza

High Sentinels of Arashin Jeskai Student

Kill Shot Mardu Hateblade

Mardu Hordechief Master of Pearls

Rush of Battle Sage-Eye Harrier

Salt Road Patrol Seeker of the Way

Siegecraft Smite the Monstrous

Suspension Field Take Up Arms

Timely Hordemate Venerable Lammasu

War Behemoth Watcher of the Roost

Wingmate Roc Blinding Spray

Cancel Clever Impersonator

Crippling Chill Dig Through Time

Disdainful Stroke Dragon's Eye Savants

Embodiment of Spring Force Away

Glacial Stalker Icy Blast

Jeskai Elder Jeskai Windscout

Kheru Spellsnatcher Mistfire Weaver

Monastery Flock Mystic of the Hidden Way

Pearl Lake Ancient Quiet Contemplation

Riverwheel Aerialists Scaldkin

Scion of Glaciers Set Adrift

Singing Bell Strike Stubborn Denial

Taigam's Scheming Thousand Winds

Treasure Cruise Waterwhirl

Weave Fate Wetland Sambar

Whirlwind Adept Bellowing Saddlebrute

Bitter Revelation Bloodsoaked Champion

Dead Drop Debilitating Injury

Despise Disowned Ancestor

Dutiful Return Empty the Pits

Grim Haruspex Gurmag Swiftwing

Kheru Bloodsucker Kheru Dreadmaw

Krumar Bond-Kin Mardu Skullhunter

Mer-Ek Nightblade Molting Snakeskin

Murderous Cut Necropolis Fiend

Raiders' Spoils Rakshasa's Secret

Retribution of the Ancients Rite of the Serpent

Rotting Mastodon Ruthless Ripper

Shambling Attendants Sidisi's Pet

Sultai Scavenger Swarm of Bloodflies

Throttle Unyielding Krumar

Act of Treason Ainok Tracker

Arc Lightning Arrow Storm

Ashcloud Phoenix Barrage of Boulders

Bloodfire Expert Bloodfire Mentor

Bring Low Burn Away

Canyon Lurkers Crater's Claws

Dragon Grip Dragon-Style Twins

Goblinslide Horde Ambusher

Hordeling Outburst Howl of the Horde

Jeering Instigator Leaping Master

Mardu Blazebringer Mardu Heart-Piercer

Mardu Warshrieker Monastery Swiftspear

Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker Shatter

Summit Prowler Swift Kick

Tormenting Voice Trumpet Blast

Valley Dasher War-Name Aspirant

Alpine Grizzly Archers' Parapet

Awaken the Bear Become Immense

Dragonscale Boon Feed the Clan

Hardened Scales Heir of the Wilds

Highland Game Hooded Hydra

Hooting Mandrills Incremental Growth

Kin-Tree Warden Longshot Squad

Meandering Towershell Naturalize

Pine Walker Rattleclaw Mystic

Roar of Challenge Sagu Archer

Savage Punch Scout the Borders

See the Unwritten Seek the Horizon

Smoke Teller Sultai Flayer

Temur Charger Trail of Mystery

Tusked Colossodon Tuskguard Captain

Windstorm Woolly Loxodon

Abomination of Gudul Abzan Ascendancy

Abzan Charm Abzan Guide

Anafenza, the Foremost Ankle Shanker

Armament Corps Avalanche Tusker

Bear's Companion Butcher of the Horde

Chief of the Edge Chief of the Scale

Crackling Doom Death Frenzy

Deflecting Palm Duneblast

Efreet Weaponmaster Flying Crane Technique

Highspire Mantis Icefeather Aven

Ivorytusk Fortress Jeskai Ascendancy

Jeskai Charm Kheru Lich Lord

Kin-Tree Invocation Mantis Rider

Mardu Ascendancy Mardu Charm

Mardu Roughrider Master the Way

Mindswipe Narset, Enlightened Master

Ponyback Brigade Rakshasa Deathdealer

Rakshasa Vizier Ride Down

Sage of the Inward Eye Sagu Mauler

Savage Knuckleblade Secret Plans

Sidisi, Brood Tyrant Siege Rhino

Snowhorn Rider Sorin, Solemn Visitor

Sultai Ascendancy Sultai Charm

Sultai Soothsayer Surrak Dragonclaw

Temur Ascendancy Temur Charm

Trap Essence Utter End

Villainous Wealth Warden of the Eye

Winterflame Zurgo Helmsmasher

Abzan Banner Altar of the Brood

Briber's Purse Cranial Archive

Dragon Throne of Tarkir Ghostfire Blade

Heart-Piercer Bow Jeskai Banner

Lens of Clarity Mardu Banner

Sultai Banner Temur Banner

Ugin's Nexus Witness of the Ages

Bloodfell Caves Bloodstained Mire

Blossoming Sands Dismal Backwater

Flooded Strand Frontier Bivouac

Jungle Hollow Mystic Monastery

Nomad Outpost Opulent Palace

Polluted Delta Rugged Highlands

Sandsteppe Citadel Scoured Barrens

Swiftwater Cliffs Thornwood Falls

Tomb of the Spirit Dragon Tranquil Cove

Wind-Scarred Crag Windswept Heath

Wooded Foothills Plains

Plains Plains

Plains Island

Island Island

Island Swamp

Swamp Swamp

Swamp Mountain

Mountain Mountain

Mountain Forest

Forest Forest


  1. FINALLY the Onslaught fetches have come back. This will please many a Modern player, for sure.

  2. maybe, but I think it will please legacy players more seeing as they weren’t playable in modern before this.

  3. Anafenza the Foremost
    Legendary Creature – Human Soldier
    When Anafenza the Foremost attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on another target tapped creature you control.
    If a creature card would be put into an opponent’s graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.

  4. Flying Crane Technique – RWU3 (rare)
    Untap all creatures you control.
    Creatures you control gain flying and double strikes until end of turn.

  5. @Matthew – I don’t think I understand what you’re saying. Isn’t Legacy able to play cards from any set already? Why would what’s legal in Modern affect Legacy? Are you just referring to the fact that these cards are going to be easier to get due to the change in price and availability? I would say that Modern is going to be affected far more by this than Legacy, if that’s the case.