MTGO Academy Announcement: Content Cessation

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  1. Very sorry to hear this! While I haven’t had a chance to watch your content in a while, there was a period a couple years ago when I was able to regularly read/watch almost all of it and I really enjoyed the content providers here. Hope they’re able to continue in another place. Thanks for the years of content, MTGO Academy!

  2. Will miss you guys. You guys got me into MTGO and had lots of content I remember fondly. Wish you and your team all the best.

  3. Very sorry to hear of this, and I wish everyone there the best. You’ve always had good content, and I look forward to the day if/when you decide to resume. It was an honor writing for you, and having your sponsorship for my events.

  4. Stopped playing MTG this year (switched to Hearthstone), but when I was playing I would watch your content all the time. Lots of memories of great videos. Best produced out of all the other content sites, IMO

    Thanks so much for the hours and hours of entertainment.

  5. I have Loved this site since I found it thanks to LoadingReadyRun. Thanks so much for helping me understand draft and just lots of fun Great vids.
    I wish you all the best :-)