The Observor: The Final Showdown (Part 1)

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  1. That was amazing, very well written and very entertaining to read at the same time.

  2. A great read, but perhaps underlining with links to the cards you’re describing would be a good addition, just so you can see the action in cards as well as in the words.
    I understand you don’t want anything intrusive to the flavour like ‘(Wall of Omens)’ every sentence, but just a few underlined links is all this article is missing, in my opinion.

    You’re a great wordsmith!

    Also thanks for teaching me that Meloku is a man. I never knew that, but the flavor text (this and the card) make it obvious.

  3. Very well done, Nate. I was first very surprised where this is going but quickly realized that you are weaving a story around a “real game”. I think it would be awesome as Zage suggested to have something parallel that describes the in game state (Screenshot? Short description? Links?).
    Love your writing style and looking forward to the next parts.

  4. Amazing story nate i wouldn’t worry too much anything much else as the quality of the writing alone holds this up high :)

  5. Hey guys,

    I’m glad you all like what I’m doing so far. It was a ton of fun to write! You guys will have to trust me on not putting the card titles yet. I have a fun little game in store for you guys once it’s all over, and it’ll be worth the wait. :) There will be more to come in a week! I guess the next thing you guys read will have been written, at least partially, from Japan! Grand Prix-Sendai, here I come! I should get some cool vids for you guys while I’m there, too! Anyone/thing you guys really want me to get on tape?

    Keeping it (sur)real,


  6. Hey Nate,

    that sounds great and I can’t wait till you reveal your little secret. I would love to see some video footage not only of the play venue but from the landscape and the culture in Sendai. How about a “bar hopping adventure”?
    See you soon in Renton,

    take care,


  7. @Nate: It was just a suggestion, I had a great time reading the article without the links. Whatever cards I can’t place I can just imagine. The story is far more important than the play-by-play, after all :)

    Good luck in Japan!

  8. Beautifully executed, buddy. You rise to the occasion every time, whatever it may be: wedding, birthday, first horse wrestling photos. Have fun overseas.