Training “Sneak Preview”

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  1. The first Zendikar sealed pool contained two foil rares. So the total number of rares/mythics you are working with is eight. MTGO is also not loading one card correctly – AEther Figment. Please add this card to your pool in case you want to use it.
    Have fun everyone!

  2. hmmm as someone who has never played Zen sealed before, this is quite interesting…though maybe what i heard is right R/B seems heads and shoulders above everything else.

  3. Hello ShardFenix,

    I think that you really have to build your deck according to the pool you get. You will find that often you don’t have the luxury to pick your color combination. So it might be true that R/B is theoretically the best choice IF you get the right cards but that is often not then case. See this as an exercise to do the best you can with the resources you are provided. Obviously your choices are limited….

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