Two Jesses’ Eldritch Moon Flavor Review

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  1. I still think its way too early to make judgements on the Gatewatch. There’s so many different ways they could take it over the next few blocks. Everyone is falling into the trap of ‘They could do the one very specific thing Im imagining, and I hate that thing!’

    Case in point: lack of diversity in Planeswalkers. They _might_ not have many non-Gatewatch walkers and they _might_ not cycle new members in and out quickly, but that’s an awful lot of mights for someone worrying about it right now.

  2. Love the article. To the gatewatch being a recurring theme, while I don’t think I want that, it does seem like a recurring avengers will work as a marketing technique. It won’t be so much a movie sequence as it will be comics. Mtg already has flavor text but it always feels random and incomplete. This provides the opportunity to fully tell the story through cards and even change perspective between characters across different sequences of cards. Your parallel universe Thalia idea was incredible and is already been set up so…… On Emrakul, I thought the Uncharted Realms stories did a great setup. Emrakul is not gone chained to Innistrad making a third set return possible that mixes zendikar and Innistrad without requiring a return to Zendikar. The author made other nice points opening up a grander purpose and maybe the Eldrazi aren’t actually bad but we don’t understand what’s happening to them. I did want to end with a question as you went over Gisela and Bruna wrapping up the sister’s story. While Avacyn as the eldest was concluded (if she was even considered a sister since she was a creation, but maybe the reference to them calling her sister was just a generic sister) but what about Sigarda? It’s possible I missed it as I was reading through pretty quick but they just kind of switched from Thalia to the Gatewatch and never addressed it. Which would mean Sigarda is alive and may come back.

  3. actually, Ulrich is not a flavor fail for not fighting werewolfs. He is an UNCONTESTED alpha, so he don’t need to fight for his alpha status because he is uncontested.