1. Hey enderfall,

    I think Containment Priest solves a lot of problems for the hatebear decks, as it essentially gives you what you were already using Aegis of the Gods for and staples dredge hate onto that, giving you a very compact answer. I have been working on adding it into the Human tribal lists I was playing earlier this year, because Cavern of Souls is still nuts. But this build gets to deviate offtribe for things like Spirit of the Labyrinth which are also nuts right now.

    Actually, I think the RWB deck I played that was created by Sean O’Brien may have a few things over this — black gives you tutors and Dark Confidant, and the splash is pretty easy. The only thing this deck really gains over playing black is that maybe the spells with WW or RR are easier to cast. Even with Null Rods, this deck should still be playing Lotus and its on-color Moxes, to enable Turn 1 Thalias or Spirits, which is crucial against combo.

    As for Vintage Belcher, the interesting thing to me — never having played it either — is the Leyline of Anticipation in the board. Is he trying to win on the opponent’s upkeep when he’s on the draw? Now that’s sick! I basically hate this deck and all decks like it, and hope that this one placing highly doesn’t cause it to appear more often in the queues.